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Martha Miltko


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 

Mental Health First Aid Certification, InBody Certification

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The Rundown

From lifetime gymnast and track athlete to an ACE certified personal trainer, exercise and movement has always been a crucial aspect in my life. I originally decided to get certified in personal training to become more educated in my own exercise routines, but it quickly led to a part-time position as a trainer in downtown Madison. In March 2023, I took a leap of faith to quit my corporate job to pursue fitness full-time - and it was the best decision I made. 


My former competitive days as an athlete helped me develop a keen eye for proper form, recovery, and appropriate progression. I have a years of experience in bodybuilding/hypertrophy training and have started powerlifting and competing in early 2023. The different styles of training are endless and there's always something for everyone.

My passion lies in helping people feel comfortable and confident in and out of the gym by emphasizing that we all deserve space to grow. Fitness from person to person varies greatly, whether that’s age, ability, obligations or something else. Finding ways to help with long-term success is what truly moves me. 

Being in this industry means you're a lifelong student and I'm grateful to be able to share my knowledge and ideas to others. 

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