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Alex Krause


Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer,

ACE Certified Pain Free Movement Specialist

The Rundown

My exercise journey started when I was having races, running around the neighborhood as a kid. This passion for fitness continued as I got older and led me to running varsity track and cross country in High school. Post high school, I got accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. My senior year I went through the process of becoming a certified personal trainer with ACE and after graduation I started working at Capital Fitness in downtown Madison as a full time personal trainer.


These last four years, I have trained dozens and dozens of clients in all different ages/genders/and exercise levels. My passion as a personal trainer comes from an inherent love for exercise and its benefits for the body/mind as well as the knowledge of how detrimental inactivity can be. My goal is to help foster a love for movement in my clients to promote them to become lifelong exercisers.

Over the years, my own personal fitness journey has changed quite a bit. For the past 8 years I have focused primarily on weightlifting. During this time I have explored various disciplines, but focused mainly on bodybuilding and powerlifting. In my free time I enjoy doing photography, and I have my own photography website/business!

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